Cardiff University PET Centre chooses the new Trudose for personal dosimetry

The new Trudose from Thermo Fisher Scientific replaces the old EPD-mk2 dosemeter with the advantage of a larger, clearer display, simple user interface combined with added functionality for wireless communication and pulsed radiation fields

When used in combination with the Radsight software the system becomes a very powerful yet simple to use issue / receipt / dose record / reporting system and has both H*10 and H*0.07 reporting capabilities.

The Radsight software also interfaces with the EPD-mk2 and so both new and old dosemeter populations can be used simultaneously.

At the Cardiff University PET centre the modern Radsight software browser capabilities have allowed for 3 connected issue / return stations to be set up simplifying the provision of dose monitoring at these 3 sites with combined database characteristics.Cardif University trudose.jpg

Prof Chris Marshall PhD, FIPEM, CSci who is director of the Wales Research and Diagnostic PET Imaging Centre says ‘ we chose this system as the dosemeter is technically very advanced and in combination with the Radsight software it provides very simple workflow for staff necessitating minimal training for system deployment… thus far we have been very pleased with this new state of the art system’

For more information on the whole range of possibilities of the Trudose /Radsight system please don’t hesitate to contact us.