Radiation Monitors


RadEye PRD4

RadEye PRD4 Achieve highly sensitive radiation detection with few nuisance alarms.

The RadEye PRD4 and PRD-ER4 radiation detectors ignore fluctuations in naturally occurring radiation (NORM) while analyzing the energy imbalance of artificial radiation. Additionally, these radiation detectors identify the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills.

Radiation Protection Instrumentation

RadEye NL Neutron Survey Monitor ideal for search and finding neutrons for industrial sources, medical accelerators and radiation protection staff/inspectors of nuclear facilities.

Normally worn in a holster, in order to use it as handheld device and to Increase efficiency, an optional moderator kit with handle is available #425067110.

Radiation Protection Instrumentation

RadEye SPRD-GN Monitors for detection of Gamma & Neutrons, compact and rugged with NBR – Natural Background Rejection.

Includes software for Configuring RadEye and Spectrum Download and analysis.

Radiation Protection Instrumentation

WENDI Wide Energy Neutron Survey Monitor

Area Monitor

Area Monitor An Area Alarm enclosure for RadEye.
The RadEye Area Monitor takes any standard RadEye and converts it into an Area Monitor with external relay for lights/alarm.


GeGi The World’s most Sophisticated Gamma Ray Detector, now in a more compact, lightweight package with the same great performance. the GeGI can fully characterize the surrounding radiological environment using multiple imaging modes. Automatic isotope detection, identification, localization, and source activity quantification make GeGI accessible to users of all levels in a variety of mission spaces. Current GeGI customer applications included Military and Civilian CBRNE Operations, Nuclear Security, Nuclear Safeguards, Special Nuclear Material Analysis, and Decommissioning & Decontamination


Radiation Protection Instrumentation
Radiation Protection Instrumentation
Radiation Protection Instrumentation

Thermo TruDose EPD Personal Dosemeter

RadSight Software compatible with older EPD MK2 units and TruDose. Also interfaces with older IR Readers allowing mixed populations of older and newer EPD’s

Uncompromised Radiological Performance

  • Unprecedented sensitivity, as low as 0.05μSv/hr (0.005mrem/hr), at lower dose rates provides assurance in the accuracy of exposure
  • Improved pulsed field detection
  • Multi-detector technology measuring both gamma and beta radiation
  • IP65 (EPD TruDose BG) and IP67 (EPD TruDose G) provides improved protection from dust and water
  • Integrated electromagnetic shielding improves tolerance to electromagnetic fields
  • Beta Gamma or just Gamma versions available
Polimaster Radflash Personal Electronic Dosimeter
Polimaster Radflash PM1630 Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Polimaster Radflash PM1630 EPD Personal Dosemeter

A new badge size Personal Electronic Dosemeter for X-ray and Gamma Radiation. Can be used stand alone, with the Polimaster app or with any BT enabled device including phones. It also interfaces with RadSight software.

Key Features

  • Small dimensions and lightweight
  • Single control button
  • Digital indication, sound and LED alarms
  • Three clips for different wearing options
  • Resistance to cleaning and disinfection agents
  • Wireless charging
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Function of automatic countdown and display in the Polismart® app of safe stay near radiation

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