TLD Readers, Material and Accessories

TLD Readers, Material and Accessories

Harshaw TLD Readers And Materials

Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd are the appointed UK and Irish distributor for Thermo Electron. We offer the full range of Harshaw TLD Readers and Materials together with accessories.

The range of Readers are ideal for various applications of Radiation Dose Monitoring including:

  • Personal Dose Monitoring (whole body and Extremity)
  • Diagnostic Surveys
  • Patient Dosimetry
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • High Dose / Accident Dosimetry
  • Food irradiation monitoring

TLD Materials

We supply a complete range of materials ranging from powder, loose chips, TLD cards, Dxt-Rad Extremity rings, Ext-Rads, Holders etc.

TLD Readers and Materials


Model 3500 For manual processing of loose chips, pellets and powder
Model 4500 For manual processing of loose chips, pellets, powder and cards
Model 5500 For automated processing of loose chips, pellets and microrods / cubes
Model 6600 For automated processing of Cards and Extremity Dosemeters (200 / loading)
Model 8800 For high capacity automated processing of Cards and Extremity Dosemeters (1,400 / loading)
TLD Irradiators We offer a stand alone Irradiator and an integrated one for the M-6600 and M-8800 Readers
Upgrades Please contact our sales office for information on mid life upgrades and Windows 7 compatible WinRems Software
TLD Readers and Materials

Model 5500: TLD Reader for the automated processing of up to 50 loose chips / pellets

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