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Bolus and Tissue Equivalent Materials

Bolus and Tissue Equivalent Materials

In addition to specialised WTE and WT1 Solid Water equivalent materials for Electrons and Photons, we now offer other types of mimicking materials; these include Adipose, Breast, Bone, Lung etc.

These materials are available in the same standard sizes as the Solid Water but can also be purchased to user defined shapes for phantoms and test blocks.

Bart‘s Bolus Bags offer soft comfortable muscle or water substitute material for use in Megavoltage Radiotherapy.

The bags are supplied in standard sizes and are manufactured from highly elastic film offering excellent durability, further information is available on our Bolus data sheet which can be downloaded from our website.

A list of the specialised tissue equivalent materials are listed below, these can be purchased to user specified shapes and sizes.

Electron Density relative to water
Adipose (Fat) Tissue AP-7 0.90
Breast Tissue BR-12 0.96
Hard Cortical Bone SB-5 1.47
Inner Bone IB-7 1.11
Average Rib Bone RB-2 1.50
Lung Tissue LN-10 0.28
Liver LV-1 1.05

Please contact our Sales Office for further information on any of these products.

Bolus Bag Cleaning Instructions

Chlorine based cleaners can damage the bag material (plantilon) and should be removed immediately after use using warm soapy water.  Alternatively we recommend Clinell Alco Wipes to clean the bags.

Bolus and Tissue Equivalent Materials

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