Real Time Extremity Monitoring


Aegis ED3 Real Time Extremity Dosemeter

The Aegis ED3 for Real Time Extremity Monitoring

The monitoring of extremities is extremely important when handling radiopharmaceuticals as whole body dose badges will underestimate the real extremity dose, especially in high dose gradients. The ED3 is ideal for a range of applications including cardiology, oncology, Xray and general glove box work.

The ED3 Active Extremity Dosemeter allows for simple monitoring of Hp(0.07) for betas and gammas on the extremities with 2 types of probe available depending on the energy range to be covered.

The Probes come pre-calibrated and are interchangeable on the ED3 electronics units.

Key Characteristics

  • Real-time readout for 1 or 2 detectors
  • Measures Hp(0.07) directly
  • Detectors are detachable so ideal for decontamination or replacement
  • Collected data can be analysed, stored and archived on a PC using the ED3 Manager software which is included with the ED3
  • Can be utilised for Hp(3) Eye dosimetry by the addition of a 3mm filter and head band


  • Interventional Radiology
  • Radiation therapy
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Glove Box
  • High Dose Gradient Environments
  • X-Ray


  • Real time monitoring with long battery life and data storage for post analysis / dose records
  • Improved dose assessment in high dose gradients
  • Simple to use and wear


Energy Range photons 25 keV—1.2 MeV
Effective Dose Range 1.0 μSv — 999.9 mSv

0.1 mrem—99.99 mrem

Effective Dose Rate Range 0.0 to 99.9 mSv/h

0.0 to 9.99 rem/h

Size & Weight 99 x 60 x 35 mm — 245 g
Environmental IP53
Display 16 x 2 character LCD
Battery Life (Rechargeable) Over 60 hours per charge with normal use

Self Test and Alarms

  • Low Battery
  • Missing Probe
  • Dose Alarm
  • Dose Rate Alarm
  • Dose Rate Overload
  • Dose Over Range

ED-3 Dosimeter operation

ED-3 Dosimeter operation

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