Personal & Radiation Detection

Phoenix Dosimetry Ltd specialise in supplying personal & radiation detection equipment for radiation monitoring use in hospitals, clinics and medical centres across the world.  We are focused on the user’s requirements and through early engagement with our customers. In specifying and matching exact detection and measurement needs, we are able to deliver the best equipment for the particular needs of each client. Understanding the key features and benefits of our instruments for our customers in a variety of sectors, is key to our success. This approach allows us to align the development and evolution of our product range with the requirements of our customers and sectors in which we operate.

Polimaster PM1404K-3P Hand Held Spectrum Analyser / Isotope Identifier

Portable Radiation Monitors

Thermo RadEye Range, FUT-40, Mini 900 Monitors, Scintillation Probes, Polimaster RIID Isotope Identifier, WENDI Neutron Detector, Lutetium Test Adaptors, Extension Pols for RadEyes, PHDS HpGe Gamma Ray Detector / Imager


TruDose Electronic Real Time Personal Dosemeter

Personal Dosimetry

TruDose Electronic Personal Dosemeter, Polimaster Radflash Electronic Personal Dosemeter


A selection of plastic scintillators availabe in a wide variety of sizes and geometries, machined to customer specifications

Organic Scintillation Materials

Eljen Technology organic scintillation material including cast plastic scintillators and liquid scintillators


Personal Dosimetry and Neutron Detectors

Portable Neutron Detectors



ED3 Electronic Dosimeter by JCS Nuclear Solutions

Real Time Extremity Monitoring

JCS ED-3 Dual Probe Extremity Dosemeter for fingers and eye dose etc.


HEC+ alpha / beta sample counter

HEC+ Sample Counter

HEC+ Sample Counter for Alpha, Beta / Gamma with electron capture mode ‘EC’


ED3 and HEC

Installed Personnel Monitoring

Whole Body Contamination Monitor, Hand and Foot Monitor HFM-11


Radiation Gate Monitors

Radiation Gate / Security Monitoring

Thermo ASM-3000/6000 together with the FHT-1388 vehicle / train monitors, Polimaster PM 5000C mobile deployable monitor, 5000P pedestrian single post, dual post and converyor monitors


RadEye B-20 Portable Radiation Detectors

Nuclear Medicine Equipment

RadEye B20, Polimaster PM1404K-3P, RadEye PRD4, ED3 Active Extremity Dosemeter, TruDose Electronic Real Time Personal Dosemeter, Polimaster Radflash Personal Dosemeter


Dosimetry Technical Support

Service and Calibration Information

Bench Repairs, Instrument Calibrations together with Field Service / Support



PHDS HpGe Gamma Ray Detector / Imager

PHDS GeGi and Fulcrum Portable Gamma Radiation Detector


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