Whole Body Monitoring (Full Body Phantom)


Full Body Phantom
Universal whole body phantom
Whole body phantom

The Universal Whole Body Phantom (UWBP) is used for the calibration of whole body counters (WBC) and for measuring the activity of radionuclides incorporated in human body with use of scintillation and semiconductor detectors of gamma-radiation in the energies range from 50 to 3000 keV. It is based on reference radionuclide sources and is tissue equivlent on interaction with gamma-radiation to biological soft tissue of the human body.

The Full Body Phantom can be used for whole body monitoring in radiation medicine centers, nuclear power stations, research institutes, industrial hospitals and other institutions performing radiation monitoring of personnel and population, as well as by the Federal Agency for Technical regulation and metrology in order to comply with the Traceability Law.

The Full Body Phantom is a collapsible construction and includes a set of components:

  • Polyethylene blocks of a type “full” (90pcs) and “half” (40pcs)
  • Rod radionuclide sources of a type “nominal” (180pcs) and “half” (40pcs)
  • Connectors (280pcs)
  • Fixings (10pcs)
  • Tripod (stand)
  • Mounting blade
  • Pusher
  • Pen-box
  • Chest

There are six types of the whole body phantom assembly with age and anthropometric characteristics (shown in the table below), for the three standard measurements geometries : standing (lying), sitting and sitting bended.

Type of the phantom (reference sample index of the set) Age and anthropometric characteristics of human body
Age, years Weight, kg Height, cm Average thickness, cm
F1 2 12 82,5 8,8
F2 6 24 121,0 10,9
F3 14 50 160,0 11,8
F4 ≥18 70 170,5 14,3
F5 ≥18 90 170,5 15,7
F6 ≥18 110 170,5 19,4

The whole body phantom with radionuclide sources forms a reference sample of activity of incorporated radionuclides uniformly distributed in the human body. This reference sample reproduces the gamma-radiation spatial-energy spectrum of incorporated radionuclides to transfer the activity value of radionuclides to whole body spectrometers by means of its calibration.

Rod sources are made in the form of the sealed radioactive sources, which eliminates the intake of radionuclides into the environment by transportation, storage and use. Assembly of polyethylene blocks without the radionuclide sources forms the background samples (background phantoms) of the appropriate size.


Standard values of activity

   Am-241        10 kBq

   Ba-133          10 kBq

   Cs-137          10 kBq

   Co-60            100 kBq

   Eu-152          1000 kBq

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