Radiation Gate Monitors


Radiation Gate Monitors for Power Stations, Scrap Yards and Industrial Facilities

Gate Monitor
Gate Monitoring System

ASM IV Detector Configurations

The Thermo Gate monitors are well established and ensure that they give you the best possible detection against rogue sources entering or leaving sites.

The units incorporate large area plastic scintillation detectors. We offer the ASMIV and FHT-1388 units, both have intelligent algorithms to ensure excellent detectability but with minimal nuisance alarms.

Radiation Gate Monitors
Radiation Gate Monitors

FHT1388 Detector Configurations

The FHT units also include NBR (natural background rejection).

We can offer lots of different configurations for any measurement situation.

Radiation Gate Monitors
Gate Monitor

FHT1388 / SGS-2 Neutron Detection

Gamma only detection systems can miss orphan Alpha emitting sources such as Americium.

The FHT 1388S /SGS-2: Neutron Module can be added to enable Neutron detection.

RadEye GR
RadEye GR

RadEye GR The RadEye GR Grapple Monitoring System is a radiation detection device designed and proven through extensive testing for the extreme forces and harsh conditions experienced when installed in a grapple.  The RadEye GR system provides and additional, significant seurity increase to present portal monitoring beause it is closer to the radioactive source and maintains contact for a longer period of time.

Key Features

  • Compact detector size – negligible load capacity reduction while providing high sensitivity.
  • Enhanced sensitive for low gamma energies.
  • Superior value: Small investment and low cost of ownership.
  • Multiple portable RadEye GR display unity possible.
  • Extremely high battery lifetime.
  • Nearly maintenance free.
  • Very straightforward installation process.
  • Simple and comprehensive data logging and reporting.
  • Radiation test handled by single person.
  • ViewPoint centralised real time monitoring option.
  • Optimised shape and thickness of the detector dome allows even low energetic radiation to cause a significant signal in the detector.
Dual Pillar

PM5000C-05M Deployable Monitor – is a highly sensitive mobile systems designed to prevent illicit trafficing of radioactive materials in vehicles and luggage as well as by pedestrians.

The monitor transport set comprises of three plastic, compact, lightweight hermetic cases.  The system can be installed and put in operation in a short time period even in harsh environment and extreme client conditions.

Polmaster PM5000 Double Pillar
Single Pillar
Polimaster highly sensitive mobile monitoring system

5000P Pedestrian Single Post, Dual Post & Conveyor

PM5000P Series Monitors are designed to monitor gamma or neutron for both gamma and neutron radiation in vehicles and luggage at various checkpoints.

These units may be installed at vehicular, railway and pedestrian border crossings, also at customs checkpoints to prevent possible illicit trafficking of radioactive sources.

They may also be used at the checkpoints of nuclear power plants (NPPs) nuclear industrial facilities, nuclear waste disposal storage sites, also check points in banks, offices etc.

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