Instrument Repair Services


Phoenix Dosimetry are now pleased to offer a repair service for Mini Instruments and NE Legacy equipment including all NE Farmer Chambers and Radiological equipment.

Ken Bosley, who has a wealth of experience in the NE equipment , is ideally placed at Phoenix Dosimetry for these types of repairs. The products covered include all the Mini and Legacy NE / Thermo equipment, the only limiting factor may be the availability of parts, but in the majority of cases we can normally effect repairs.

Please contact us if you require any further information using the link below.

The range includes the list below but is not exclusive to the these units:

  • Dose Rate Monitors: 900 series
  • 900 Series GM tube and scintillation detector based contamination monitor
  • 2100 series ion chamber survey meters
  • 7-10 Mini alarm with MC10, MC20 and MC70 probes
  • Monitors by NE including Electra’s, PCM’s and PDR’s and RM5

1000 series type R, RL and CM11’s  HM9’s and associated equipment.

NE Radiological Farmer Electrometers, Dosecheckers, Farmer Chambers (new and rebuilds).

We offer a no obligation free inspection for any faulty equipment and then provide a quotation so you can decide if you wish to proceed. Our charges are based on £80.00 per hour and we would charge for any parts if required at cost, normally most repairs take around one hour depending on the fault.

If you would like to proceed with a no obligation quotation then please send the faulty unit to our office address.  We will let you know as soon as the unit arrives and will then give you a quotation/price for the repair once inspected.  Should you decide not to proceed then we will simply return the instruments OR dispose of them as requested.

Download the brochure Mini and NE Radiological Repairs by Phoenix Dosimetry

Download Accessories brochure for NE2571 and NE2581

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