Par Scientific Automatic Block Cutter


Block Cutter from PAR Scientific

Par Scientific A/S introduced the ACD-4 MK5 following 20 years of experience. This latest unit is now smaller and has a modern DicomRT network interface.

This 5th generation unit has been designed as a small lightweight table version – still having maximum active cutting area. The unit is constructed to be extremely reliable with minimal maintenance equipped with our most modern software version containing any clinical relevant tool to create the most accurate shielding blocks.

The software is very easy to install on a local PC and system set-up is based on the highest level of functionality.


Cutting Accuracy: Better than 0.5mm
Cutting Speed: 10 mm per second
Active cutting area: 430 x 420 mm – adjustable
Size: L: 72 cm
W: 38 cm
H: 72 cm
Weight: 35kg
Software: Full Windows with DICOM RT I/f
Accessories: Label Printer
Alloy melting pots
Cooling plates
Exhaust System

Key Characteristics

  • Small lightweight table model that can be placed in any location
  • 5th Generation electronics offer clinically proven reliability
  • Modern software package (Win7/Win10 compatible) with optional Dicom Daemon
  • DicomRT is supported
  • Very fast cutting speed
  • Very fast adjustability of Styrofoam block sizes from 450 x 440 mm and lower with full flexibility on selected size
  • “Plug-and-play” functionality for fast and easy installation
  • Full accessory package: PAR label Printer, PAR Foam and CadFree Alloy.
  • Software contains all relevant user information and guidelines including all relevant 3rd party system drivers

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