Service and Calibrations

Service and Calibrations

Phoenix Dosimetry Technical Support, Training and Service

Optimal performance of your Dosimetry equipment relies on regular and efficient service support. Phoenix Dosimetry have excellent service facilities encompassing both bench repair and field service; we offer a range of Service Contracts tailored to meet individual customer requirements.

Our staff have over 30 years of experience in supporting Radiation Monitoring Systems. We hold a comprehensive inventory of parts for most systems at our workshop facilities in Sandhurst and are able to respond quickly to any emergency breakdowns.

The range covered includes all the Mini and Legacy NE/Thermo equipment, the only limiting factor may be the availability of parts for some of the much older equipment but in most cases we can normally effect repairs.

Dosimetry Technical Support

Doimetry technical SupportInstrument / Calibration Checks

  • Mini and most radiation monitors
  • Inhouse fast EPD-2 calibrations
  • Inhouse fast JCS ED3 calibrations
Dosimetry Technical Support
Dosimetry Technical Support

Bench Repairs

We charge £80.00 per hour for any repairs and there is no inspection charge so you can send your instruments to us and obtain a no obligation quotation for their repair

Our test area is equipped with an x-ray machine capable of doing comparative tests against a calibrated ED3 unit and probes. This enables us to confirm if the unit is performing correctly.

To use this service simply email us and let us know how many and which type of instrument you require to send for test/calibration; we will then send you a quotation and returns label.

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