Nuclear Medicine Equipment


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RadEye B-20 Portable Radiation Detectors

RadEye B-20 Ideal for Nuclear Medicine Departments / Low energy detection. 17 KeV-3MeV. Gamma Filter for H(10)

Portable Radiation Devices Polimaster PM140K-3P Hand Held Spectrum Analyser / Isotope Identifier

Polimaster PM1404K-3P Hand-Held Spectrum analyser / isotope identifier for the detection and localisation of radioactive materials for (gamma and Xray), alpha, beta and option for neutrons

Key Features

  • Has 2 detectors Geiger and LiF/ZnS
  • Gamma radiation search energy range 0.033 – 3 MeV
  • Spectrum storage capability
  • Small hand held with optional holster
RadEye PRD4

RadEye PRD4

Key Features

  • Larger, brighter and more visible display
  • Neutron radiation alert
  • 30% improved sensitivity over previous model
  • Switch into NBR mode ‘Natural Background Rejection’ – No false alarms
  • It then only alerts when exposed to artificial sources
  • Gamma and X-Rays plus neutrons
  • Low dose rate detector material CsI(TI)
  • Sensitivity (662 keV) 200 cps per µSv/h
  • Energy range 58keV – 6 MeV: for dose and dose rate measurement
  • 20keV – 6 MeV: for count rate (pager function)
  • Dose rate range 10 nSv/h – 250 µSv/h
ED3 Electronic Dosimeter by JCS Nuclear Solutions

The ED3 Active Extremity Dosemeter allows for simple monitoring of Hp(0.07) for betas and gammas on the extremities with 2 types of probe available depending on the energy range to be covered.

TruDose Electronic Real Time Personal Dosemeter

TruDose Electronic Real Time Personal Dosemeter

Key Features

  • Trudose Electronic Personal Dosemeter replaces the well proven EPD-MK2
  • Dose and Dose rate display / alarms for Hp10 and Hp0.07
  • Use either stand alone with simple 2 button operation or with software for simple issue / return and dose reports
  • Large clear display and LED / vibrator / sounder with customisable alarms
  • RF shielded with simple menu navigation
  • Integral Bluetooth transmitter for wireless real-time communications
Polimaster Radflash on charger pad
Polimaster Radflash PM1630 Electronic Personal Dosimeter

Polimaster Radflash Electronic Personal Dosemeter

A badge size Electronic Personal Dosemeter for X-ray and Gamma Radiation. Can be used stand alone, with the Polimaster app or with any BT enabled device including phones. It also interfaces with RadSight software.

Key Features

  • Small dimensions and lightweight
  • Single control button
  • Digital indication, sound and LED alarms
  • Three clips for different wearing options
  • Resistance to cleaning and disinfection agents
  • Wireless charging
  • Data transfer via Bluetooth
  • Function of automatic countdown and display in the Polismart® app of safe stay near radiation


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