RadSight Live

RadSight Live

  • Live graphical display of radiation dose rates for the whole team on a simple easy to use display
  • TruDose has an optional Bluetooth capability for local area live data comms
  • Minimise exposure by better understanding the impact of distance from sources and the effect of shielding
  • More details upon request

RadSight Software for TruDose and EPD-MK2

  • Integrates simultaneously with TruDose and EPD-MK2
  • Includes personnel database for dose records
  • Issue and de-issue EPD with IR Reader or by manual assignment. Compatible with older EPDs) together with new Thermo TruDose IR readers
  • Simple issue with drop down selection of users and activities – switches on EPD, zeroes dose and assigns to wearer in one step
  • Easy and fast single step return – reads dose and switches dosemeter off

TruDose & RadSight Video Demonstration

Radsight Live - Real time Dosimetry System

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